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Matt & Becky Wedding Gallery Mere Brook House August 2021

Note: this page is private and can only be accessed using the password.

How to view the gallery and select pictures for the photobook

Click on the top left hand side picture and it will open as a slide show.
You will see an arrow on either side of the picture which allows you to move to the next picture. Click on the left arrow to see the wedding pictures from start to finish.

If you want a Photobook, you can select up to a maximum of 40 pictures for the standard book which has 13 pages (26 sides). More pages can be added but there is an additional cost. This can only be worked out once you have selected the number of additional pictures.

To identify the picture, there is a number at the bottom of each picture when it is viewed in the slideshow. For example, the picture at the top left of Formby Hall has a number 246-MD204006.jpg. I just need the first bit, in this case 246.

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