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Formby Hall Golf Resort and Spa Wedding Photography

Formby Hall Golf Resort and Spa is a great location. It is picturesque and there are lots of great locations for wedding photography. I did my research, met with the wedding planners and I was all set for the day.

A single venue simplifies everything

Having a wedding planner made everything easier, plus guests could stay at the resort the evening before the wedding and after the wedding celebration. Parking is on site and everything is just generally much easier when there isn’t any travelling between two sites.

It was a full day of photography

I arrived with a lot of great ideas for the photography, because it was such a picturesque location. But when I having checked the weather all through the week there was a high possibility it would rain. Nevertheless I still had to do a good job despite the rain. However, because of my prior planning I always had a plan B to take the photographs inside. The photography was planned for the full day, from the bride and bridesmaids getting ready, all the way through to the first dance. So I made a start and kept one eye on the weather!

It poured down!

The weather wasn’t too kind to us on the day. In fact it rained for most of the day and because of this, some of the planned pictures were just not possible. This was really disappointing as Formby Hall is a great location for wedding photography. 

The weather seemed to be improving

After the ceremony, I managed to get a good mix of documentary style pictures while people were having drinks. I was ready to do some of the group shots inside, but I could see there was a possibility of a small break in the weather. So I waited and finally the rain stopped. So I took the opportunity and managed to get some pictures outside in natural light. The pictures were not quite what quite what I had in mind because the grass was wet and we could not go to any of the planned locations.

Small break in the weather

The main thing was that the whole day was a great success for the bride and groom. Everyone had a great time and throughout the day we got some great shots for the bride and groom to keep looking at over the years to bring back the special memories of the day.

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