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Southport Register Office Wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photography

I always see pre-wedding photography as a great idea and it makes a big difference to the pictures on the day. Why is this? There are two reasons: most people feel awkward posing for photographs and it is good to have a relaxed time to practice poses in advance of the wedding.

Southport Registry Office

The ceremony was held at Southport Registry Office and we got some really nice pictures just outside. However I wanted some truly stunning pictures. I knew the reception was at the Talbot Hotel in Southport which didn’t have anywhere to take pictures. So I decided to take everyone to Victoria Park.

Victoria Park Southport

Going to Victoria Park really paid off. It was quiet, the light was perfect and it was very picturesque. This made a huge difference to the wedding photographs. After taking some group shots, we got some really natural pictures walking through the park.

The weather was perfect! Everyone had a good time throughout the day and the pictures are still some of my favourites.

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