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Do I need a wedding album?

What is the best way to view your wedding pictures?

There are many options, so it is all about personal preference. Investing in wedding photography should give you easy access to view your pictures easily for many years into the future. So the question is, do I need a wedding album?

We live in a world where everyone has a camera. However, we tend to look at pictures on our phones or on a computer. Wedding photographs should be easy to access and not take hours to look through.

So what are the options?

  • Digital album
  • Photobook
  • Prints in an album
  • Prints

There are other options, however, the following are the most popular options.

Digital album

This is the cheapest option. It is simply your wedding pictures supplied on a USB drive. The pictures will be in hi resolution for prints and low resolution for viewing on a computer or sharing on social media.

Wedding photographs on USB

The easiest and cheapest way to view your wedding photographs is to have them on a USB drive. All of the photographs will be supplied in hi resolution for printing and low resolution for viewing on screen.


This is my preferred choice. Once I have uploaded pictures to a private area, you can choose around 40 pictures to go in the album. More pictures can be chosen for a small additional charge per page. These pictures are then compiled online into a photobook. There are different sizes, but the most popular is an A4 Hard cover with 26 sides (13 pages). Text can be added and pictures rearranged. Only when the client is happy with the design is the book printed.

Wedding photography photobook

A4 hardcover photobooks are a really popular choice. They can be fully customised with text and photographs of your choice.

Inside wedding photobook

The photobooks are designed online and you can flip through each page online to approve the design and make changes if needed before it is printed.

Once I receive the printed book, it will be delivered alongside all of the photographs on a USB drive in both hi-resolution and low resolution copies.

Prints in an album

There are various types of albums available, ranging from prints in a traditional album to fully printed books. Prices vary but can work out very expensive.


These can be supplied by the photographer. They will use a professional laboratory to ensure the photographs are printed to an optimum quality. A much cheaper option is to get them printed by a high street shop. The quality will be lower, but they will be perfectly acceptable.

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