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West Lancashire Golf Club Wedding Photography

Weddings through recommendations are the best

George and Jean contacted through a recommendation and I met them at their house to discuss their wedding photography requirements. Getting recommendations from people is always welcome and helps me judge my own work. If people are recommending me then I must be doing something right!.

George and Jean were both retired, but this didn’t make any difference to me. They were like every other happy loving couple, who wanted to celebrate this and get married.

Seven key elements when choosing a wedding photographer

Trust is a big part of building a rapport with people and this was very important with George and Jean. They were naturally wary of inviting people into their house and they needed to feel comfortable with hiring me. So the reason I talk about this is because choosing a wedding photographer is not just about the pictures. There are seven key elements to consider when choosing a wedding photographer: Trust, Rapport, Professionalism, Great pictures, Honesty and most importantly delivering what you promise, all of this at a fair price. I talk about this in more detail in a different blog click here to read more.

Budget and quality are equally important

George and Jean wanted a very low key wedding, budget was important but they didn’t want to compromise on quality. They didn’t want hundreds of pictures, which tends to be the norm with some photographers. Their idea was to have a nice quality selection of wedding pictures so they could look at them without spending hours pouring over hundreds of pictures. We created a list of key photographs and people to be photographed, which would give them exactly what they wanted.

Planning is everything

The wedding ceremony was at their local church in Aintree and the wedding breakfast was at at the West Lancashire Golf Club in BlundellsandsAs always, well in advance of the wedding day, I take time to visit the church and make contact with key personnel to find out what I can and can’t do inside the church and also where the best place is total the photographs after the ceremony. When wedding breakfasts are at different locations, I make sure I work out the travel time and make contacts with key personnel to understand the timings and where everything would take place in the venue. This kind of planning is essential for wedding photography, without it things can and will go wrong.

Humbling experience

On the day, the weather was perfect and everything went like clockwork. It was such a special day for me also because George and Jean were extremely nice genuine people, they invited me to join in with the wedding breakfast and as a result I spoke to many of the guests who had fascinating life stories. For me it was quite a humbling experience and it was all made worthwhile with the reaction form George and Jean when I presented them with a very special set of memories of their wedding day. This is why I do this job, I find people fascinating and this it makes it really enjoying and a privilege.

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